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Triage IT Technical Specialist


Pharmbills — is an American outstaffing company headquartered in New York. We create teams for USA companies and help them with customer support, finances, documents and IT support.

Today we got 300 team members in Odessa, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Vinnytsia. We are always looking for the team of those who speak English at a level from Upper-Intermediate and above B2, C1, C2, ∞.

We are looking for new members for the position of Triage IT Technical Specialist. You will work from home and move to the office at the end of the quarantine.


  • Resolve technical issues and client requests
  • Contact clients via phone
  • Interpret incoming notifications from multiple internal sources (ticketing systems, emails, messengers)
  • Analyze incoming support issues and alerts to determine the proper path to resolution
  • Route support issues and alerts to appropriate individuals inside and outside their team
  • Follow up to ensure appropriate and timely resolution
  • Collect additional info on the alerts if needed
  • Manage and process internal tasks assigned to support
  • Fill up all important case information in the case history
  • Ensure that you calendar and time entries are kept and maintained correctly

Needed Qualifications:

  • Intermediate understanding of computer architecture and networking technologies
  • Basic knowledge of Widows server environment
  • Understanding of cloud service technology
  • Skilled at recognizing problem sources and documentation errors
  • Fluently adept to and be able to navigate various systems and interfaces simultaneously
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Strong English spoken and written skills

Send your CV today and become a part of our Pharmbills team — we are waiting for you!


  • своевременную оплату зарплаты;
  • оплачиваемую стажировку до 3-х месяцев;
  • официальное сотрудничество;
  • медицинскую страховку по окончанию испытательного периода;
  • фиксированный рабочий день по графику Нью-Йорка, без переработок;
  • работу с топ менеджментом США;
  • поддержку Team Lead и руководителя в США, которые помогают освоиться в рабочих процессах;
  • необходимое оборудование для работы из дома;
  • постоянное общение с носителями языка (США);
  • молодую команду (средний возраст — 25 лет);
  • такси домой в конце рабочего дня при условии работы из офиса.

Triage IT Technical Specialist

Спасибо за ваше желание стать частью нашей команды. Мы с Вами свяжемся в ближайшее время