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We create teams for large companies in the USA and are engaged in professional client service, IT support, as well as maintain their documents and finances

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About company

Pharmbills is an outstaffing company headquartered in New York City. In Ukraine our teams are represented in Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev and Vinnitsa.

During 5 years of work we have created a team of over 300 employees in different project positions. From entry level specialists to top management positions in the field of sales, finance, accounting and audit, documentation processing, IT support and customer service.

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Our achievements


employees in Ukraine


companies in the U.S. that we work with


weeks paid online internship


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What awaits you

Training from 0

If you have experience, great, if not, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of working at a paid internship at Pharmbills Academy academy.pharmbills.com

Lots of English

We work with the US, so we speak, write and even think in English. Great practice every day!

IT level pay

We formalize the cooperation, and the payment for work always comes on time.


You will have a team leader in the U.S., a mentor and a corporate psychologist to help you get used to the work processes.

Career advancement

Every employee has a growth prospect both in the team and in the company. We review positions and salaries every six months.

New knowledge is our everything

We learn new things every day. For this purpose we have internal knowledge bases and trainings.

Comfortable offices

Our offices are located in Odessa and Kharkov, in the other cities we provide all the equipment at home, so you can comfortably work and perform your tasks.

Young team

The average age of our employees is 23 years old, so we always stay on easy communication and ready for anything new.

Lots of other perks.

Teambuildings, a corporate psychologist, mentors and a special onboarding program. We always create conditions for you to get high from working for us.

There are many opportunities at Pharmbills

We work in different directions - customer support, finance, documents, IT support. But let's go in order:

PayRoll Systems

We calculate and distribute salaries, taxes and bonuses for employees of American companies.

Everything taking into account the nuances of American law.

Customer Service

A customer service manager knows that the quality of customer service and responsiveness to their requests is one of the main success factors in the modern world.

Information Technology

Working in IT is a deep study of the intricacies of IT in the Western market, exchange of experience with colleagues from the United States and work with large corporations.

Data Entry Posting

Database specialist is one of the most sought-after professions on the international market.

We are waiting for you in our team!

Choose a direction that interests you and send your resume


Who is it for?

  • For students
  • For those who want to work with the US
  • For those who want to try something new
  • For specialists with and without work experience


  • your English is Upper-Intermediate or higher (B2, C1, C2, ∞);
  • you are an active team player
  • you want to grow as a professional
    and are willing to learn new things;
  • are ready to work on a New York City schedule (hello to all the “owls”!)
  • result-oriented;

Hurry up and hit the button – we’re waiting for you on the team! And experience doesn’t matter!

Become part of the team


What is outstaffing?

Outstaffing is hiring a freelancer to work on a project. This employee is not a freelancer but part of a team of another company: it simply provides the services of a specialist on loan.

The way it works for us is this. Companies in America are looking for freelancers for tasks that can be done remotely: they do phone consultations, billing, reporting, data analysis, help in filling out documents. They apply to Pharmbills and the company selects specialists in Ukraine for the necessary tasks [so a high level of English is important]. ⠀

The team is provided with the American mentor to ensure that the tasks are performed as correctly as possible. The American mentor helps to understand the specifics of the market and communication, supports and guides.

Companies in the U.S. pay Pharmbills, which takes on the responsibility to pay salaries to their specialists on time, create working conditions for them, take care of timely vacations, and so on.

What are the working hours?

Yes, 9 to 6 p.m. is not our option. At Pharmbills, we are open 5 days a week, U.S. time.

Most of the time it’s from 3:00 to 00:00. But there are teams that work from 12:30 to 9 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. Some have time to do their own things before work, and some go to classes. And they also have time to sleep.

Work in the office or remotely?

Our offices are located in Odessa and Kharkov, for employees from other cities we provide all the equipment at home, so you can comfortably work and perform their tasks.

Is the internship a probationary period or a competition of some kind?

Neither. It is an express training on working for an American outstaff company. It lasts 2 weeks, takes place online, communicating only in English with an American instructor.

A huge plus of the internship is that if you attend all classes, be active and involved in the process, it will be much easier for you to pass the final interview.

For more information about the internship, visit academy.pharmbills.com.

What is the salary at the company?

Employees who work with America are paid by the hour. All hours are recorded in a special program called Fingercheck. But on average, a Junior employee gets $650, Middle $750, Senior $950, Captain $1,200, Team Lead $1,500. And don’t forget that there are salary and position reviews every six months at Pharmbills.

What are the specifics of the contract?

We formalize the cooperation with our team members and sign a contract.

It will spell out the mutual obligations and guarantees that each party receives. Such as insurance, the amount of wages, a fixed working day without overtime, the necessary equipment and so on. Here you get transparency and stability, because we will work on clearly agreed terms. This means there will be no sudden layoffs due to layoffs – on the contrary, we are constantly expanding our team. Your confidence in the future will be stronger than ever.

Do you need specialized education or work experience?

No! It would definitely be a plus for you, but we’re willing to train our employees if we see the skills they need. The most important thing is the level of English – from Upper-Intermediate, and a desire to grow and develop.

What level of English is required for the job?

We work directly with America and day in and day out we communicate with native speakers, so fluency in English is required at the Upper-Intermediate level and above. When applying for a job, you will need to take a short language test and then talk to a recruiter. This way we can assess how comfortable you will be communicating with customers and getting into the job.

What will our team say?


When I came to Pharmbills I immediately realized that I got in a team of professionals who work together, support each other, help each other to grow and develop personally and professionally. For me it is close to the Western approach, when everything in the company is transparent, when every employee can be heard, when you really feel that you are appreciated. I found all that in our company. And I am very glad that many of my colleagues have become my friends, because I think Pharmbills attracts “like-minded people”.


Four years ago I came to work as an office manager at a small company of 20 people. Today I coordinate the work of 90 specialists and work with an American client. We have grown twice in the last six months. That’s why I always say – at Pharmbills there have always been and will always be opportunities for talented people to grow, even if you have no experience. Stable growth and the way the company developed during the pandemic are the factors that give you confidence in the future.


After university, I couldn’t find myself until I became part of Pharmbills. Here I learn something new every day. Here I also learned my main skill, extreme responsibility: if something doesn’t work, it’s my job to find a solution.


It was very exciting to see how during the time I have been working at the company our team has grown from three people in a tiny office to more than sixty employees all over Ukraine and to be directly involved in this rapid growth. Pharmbills has given me the opportunity to watch the fruit of my efforts and perseverance and to develop from a girl who has just finished school into a mentor and manager.


My Accounts Receivable team has over 90 of amazing, hardworking people. As Team Lead I guide them and help develop everyone’s special skills. In such a friendly atmosphere you really enjoy your work.


I joined the company because of my convenient schedule. I had classes in the morning, had lunch and then went to the office. But as soon as I graduated I realized that I was already in a team leadership position and I made great progress in one year. Pharmbills supported me in my career advancement and gave me the tools to achieve my goals.

Our offices in Ukraine.

We are waiting for you in our team!

Choose a direction that interests you and send your resume


Become part of the team

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