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Our Mission

We help our clients' companies grow by building special teams that strive for excellence in everything they do.

The Story

Pharmbills has redefined the outstaffing industry. And we are not afraid of such big words. We have really given American companies what they need – exceptional, special people. Employees whose work ethic, knowledge, skills and commitment to excellence have no boundaries.

We help American companies grow, increase productivity, reduce costs and maintain professionalism.

We started in 2015 in healthcare, one of our core areas of expertise. But over the years, we’ve expanded into finance, accounting and auditing, IT support and customer service. In all this time, we’ve built a strong team of over 300 people who are passionate about what they do and growing every day. Pharmbills is growing at a breakneck speed, with about 50 employees joining our company every month, which is nothing short of encouraging and motivating.

What will our team say?


When I came to Pharmbills I immediately realized that I got in a team of professionals who work together, support each other, help each other to grow and develop personally and professionally. For me it is close to the Western approach, when everything in the company is transparent, when every employee can be heard, when you really feel that you are appreciated. I found all that in our company. And I am very glad that many of my colleagues have become my friends, because I think Pharmbills attracts “like-minded people”.


Four years ago I came to work as an office manager at a small company of 20 people. Today I coordinate the work of 90 specialists and work with an American client. We have grown twice in the last six months. That’s why I always say – at Pharmbills there have always been and will always be opportunities for talented people to grow, even if you have no experience. Stable growth and the way the company developed during the pandemic are the factors that give you confidence in the future.


After university, I couldn’t find myself until I became part of Pharmbills. Here I learn something new every day. Here I also learned my main skill, extreme responsibility: if something doesn’t work, it’s my job to find a solution.


It was very exciting to see how during the time I have been working at the company our team has grown from three people in a tiny office to more than sixty employees all over Ukraine and to be directly involved in this rapid growth. Pharmbills has given me the opportunity to watch the fruit of my efforts and perseverance and to develop from a girl who has just finished school into a mentor and manager.


My Accounts Receivable team has over 90 of amazing, hardworking people. As Team Lead I guide them and help develop everyone’s special skills. In such a friendly atmosphere you really enjoy your work.


I joined the company because of my convenient schedule. I had classes in the morning, had lunch and then went to the office. But as soon as I graduated I realized that I was already in a team leadership position and I made great progress in one year. Pharmbills supported me in my career advancement and gave me the tools to achieve my goals.


Efficiency and quality

We take pride in what we do. It's important to make the most of each day, approaching each task with energy, commitment and enthusiasm.


We always find the best solutions. We foresee scenarios and are ready to implement our action plans at any moment. After all, prevention is always more effective than elimination. Learn from your own experience and find ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently.

Customer centricity

Our customers always come first - they are the key to our success. We quickly and professionally answer their questions and help them solve them. We always stay in touch and follow up on tasks performed. Timely follow-up is a key indicator of service.

Clear communication

Clear thinking leads to easy communication, successful collaboration and results. It's important to listen in order to understand. Discuss expectations in advance to avoid misunderstandings. Be present and involved. Create simple and complete instructions. Complete all meetings with clear tasks, deadlines and responsibilities.


Our responsibility to our clients and to each other is to earn trust. We are always accountable for our words, actions and intentions. After all, agree, you can only earn trust by being true to what you say.

We are waiting for you in our team!

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