What is outstaffing?

Outstaffing is hiring a freelancer to work on a project. However, this employee is more than a freelancer – this is a part of another company's team: it simply provides the services of its specialist for a temporary lease.This is how it works. Companies in the US are looking for freelancers to complete tasks remotely: such freelancers do phone consultations, billing, reporting, data analysis, help in filling out documents. The companies apply to Pharmbills and then select specialists in Ukraine for the necessary tasks (so a high level of English is essential). The team is provided with an American mentor to ensure that the tasks are performed correctly. The American mentor helps to understand the specifics of the market and communication, supports, and guides. The US companies pay Pharmbills, which takes on the responsibility of paying salaries on time, creating working conditions, taking care of timely vacations, etc.

What are the working hours?

Well, 9 till 6 p.m. is not our way. At Pharmbills, we are open five days a week, US time. As a rule, it's from 3:00 till 00:00. But some teams work from 12:30 till 9 p.m. and from 4 p.m. till 1 a.m. Some employees have time to do their things before work, and some go to classes. And there is still some time to sleep.

Will I work in the office or remotely?

We work in hybrid mode. Our offices are located in Ukraine and Bulgaria, so our employees have an opportunity to choose a convenient format of work: remotely from home or in the office.

Is the internship a probationary period or a competition of some kind?

Neither. It is an express training on working for an American outstaffing company. It lasts two weeks, takes place online, and communication with an American instructor is conducted in English only. The main advantage is that attending all classes, being active, and being involved in the process make passing the final interview a lot easier. For more information about the internship, please visit our academy website.

What are the specifics of the contract?

We formalize the cooperation with our team members and sign a contract. It will spell out the mutual obligations and guarantees that each party receives, such as insurance, the number of wages, a fixed working day without overtime, the necessary equipment, etc. Here you will get transparency and stability because we will work on clearly agreed terms. It means there will be no sudden resignations due to layoffs. On the contrary, we are constantly expanding our team. As a result, your confidence in the future will be greater than ever.

Do I need specialized education or any work experience?

No! It will be an advantage for you, but we are willing to train our employees if the skills are needed. The most important thing is the level of English (Upper-Intermediate or higher) and a desire to grow and develop.

What level of English is required for the job?

Since we work directly with America and communicate with native speakers day in and day out, you need to be fluent in English at the Upper-Intermediate level or higher. When you apply for a job, you will need to take a quick language test and talk to a recruiter. We will assess how comfortable you will be communicating with customers and getting into the job.

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