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Customer Support Specialist

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The main tasks of the specialist: 

  • Receiving applications from customers by phone and e-mail; 
  • Processing of requests, their registration in the system; 
  • Interaction with other departments to determine the most appropriate specifications for the colleagues; 
  • Checking the current status of requests from customers; 
  • Maintaining documentation; 
  • Working with reports;

Required Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English at Upper-Intermediate level or above;
  • Competent and effective communication skills;
  • An understanding of what quality service means;
  • Proficiency in computer and office programs at the level of a confident user;
  • Ability to work productively in the afternoon;
  • Ability to work from the office at the end of quarantine;
  • Experience in customer communications;
  • Experience in CRM systems or ticketing systems;


  • Salary from 14,000 UAH;
  • Salary revision at the stages of three, six and twelve months;
  • Official employment;
  • Health insurance at the end of the trial period;
  • A fixed working day according to the schedule of New York, no overtime;
  • Support from Team Lead and a supervisor in the U.S. to help you get used to the work processes;
  • Work with top U.S. management;
  • Necessary equipment for working from home;
  • Constant communication with native speakers (US);
  • Cab home at the end of the day if working from the office;


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Customer Care Specialist

Pharmbills is a leading American outstaffing company in healthcare, real estate, finance, accounting, auditing, document management, IT support, and customer service. Our clients include leaders in the IT, finance, and healthcare industries.

Our achievements for the past years:

  • Scaling the company up from 230 to 400+ professionals in 2021 with a plan to increase that number by the end of 2022.
  • Launching an in-house training academy with leading American trainers.
  • Forming an ecosystem of solutions for customer service in different business areas.

We are looking for motivated and proactive professionals for the Customer Care position. This position is a great place to find a career and is suitable for recent university graduates with NO previous work experience. We will even consider students that are still in university. 

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Account Manager in the Real Estate industry

We are looking for motivated and proactive professionals for the position of Account Manager in Real Estate. This vacancy is for someone who has good analytical skills, experience in finance, and B2+ English level. 

The AM is responsible for the administration and financial management of real estate in America. It also includes communication with landlords, tenants, and working with subsidies. 

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